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Well Friday was the big day, the day for which I had been waiting for what seems forever. Yes Friday, April 7 was my release date! And yes. It was.....euphoric! The ability to finally get back to some sort of sense of normalcy, the finality of a lengthy and incredibly stressful ordeal was quite possibly one of the best moments of my life. While in many ways it was anti-climactic simply because I was released from the actual federal prison camp over six months earlier, the end of this ordeal was significant in so many ways.
It is not lost on me that my release very closely coincided with the holiday of Passover, the time that celebrates the redemption of the ancient Hebrews from Egyptian slavery; the time of freedom. This got me thinking about what freedom really represents. Anyone who has read the Bible knows that the Jews, a small nation had to migrate from Israel to Egypt because of a famine that swept the region. Egypt alone had food and the Hebrews, invited by Joseph moved from an…