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Time To Go Home!

Two years ago today I left the Federal Prison Camp in Miami. On one hand it feels like yesterday and on the other hand it seems like my incarceration was a lifetime ago. Now, I had originally planned to head down there today and take a video on location, but my luck they would mistake me for an escapee and I would get stuck there until they realized that I did not belong. No thank you.

The day I was taken off to prison, my lawyer told my family that I would leave prison in the best shape of my life. And he was right. I entered prison at my absolute highest weight and left there having lost close to 25 pounds. My exit weight was 155 lb. Even more impressive, I left prison able to bench press greater than my body weight. By the time I left, I was running 10 miles a day and working out for an hour on top of that. In other words, prison amounted to a federally funded get in shape regiment. Many people go to fat camp to lose weight and pay thousands of dollars per week. I, on the other han…