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You Only Live Once

This past weekend my family and I celebrated my son's Bar Mitzva. For those who are not familiar with what a Bar Mitzvah is, it is when a boy turns 13 and "becomes a man." It is a time for celebration and is the most important milestone in a young man's life. In other words, it is kind of a big deal.

Now I am not saying that my son's bar mitzvah was more of a big deal than another child's. However, my time in prison gave me a little more appreciation for the day than those who are lucky enough to not have to deal with it. It was not always a forgone conclusion that I would be there and it was certainly not a certainty that even if I was there that I would be able to fully enjoy the experience. When I was indicted in 2015,  my son was almost 10; three years shy of his bar mitzvah. My initial indictment had multiple counts with each one carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years. On paper at least, I was facing a potential prison term of over 100 years. Now obviou…