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Trump and Sessions Got It Wrong

Disclaimer: I am a registered Republican (although I can no longer vote) and would have supported President Trump in the last election.

In my inaugural blog, I spoke about the underlying purposes for prison and how for many white collar crimes, prison does not always serve a purpose. Most of my comments thus far have been focused on the issues facing white collar defendants. I have mentioned on more than one occasion that someone who has never been through the justice system or the prison system can not properly opine on how to fix the system. I am going to digress for today and focus on non violent drug crimes as it has been in the news of late. 

Drugs are dangerous. There is no debating that Cocaine, Heroin, Fentanyl, need to be kept off the streets and that those who distribute them need to be punished under the theory that society does need to be protected from such individuals. Yes, they belong in pr…

Is It OK To Snitch??????

A typical white collar criminal case will have multiple defendants as even the most sophisticated crimes rely on at least the complacency of more than one individual. Sometimes everyone is charged in one indictment covering multiple defendants, sometimes each defendant is indicted in a separate case, and sometimes certain individuals are charged while others are not even though their conduct was essentially the same. Understanding why some cases are separated while some are joined is a question for prosecutors. On the question of who is charged and who is not, I have taken a cynical view on it and come to believe that those decisions are dictated on the basis on who they can get and who they do not think they can get. I also have come to believe that the more publicity a potential defendant has in a case, the more likely he is to be charged. Public perception can be a motivating factor and given two potential defendants who committed the same alleged act, the one with the greater publ…


Being a parent is quite possibly the greatest responsibility  any individual will take upon himself or herself. There is no greater challenge than to be a parent. A person is literally responsible for both the physical and mental health for another human being. This responsibility is in no way abrogated when facing criminal charges, facing prison or even when serving time in prison. If anything a parent in these situations has to take extra steps to make sure that the legal issues he faces does cause him to become derelict in his responsibilities as a parent. Of course, since children will be affected by the trial and/or prison sentence and may be exposed to any potential media coverage of the parent under investigation it is important to understand how to talk yo you children and how how much to tell them. Regardless of how much is said, a child is being asked to grow up a little too fast when a parent is facing criminal charges. The key is to keep a constant balance by telling them …