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The Aleph Institute-Advocates For Prisoners Everywhere

I have not really talked about what happens once you are actually in prison. I am referring to what life is like once a prisoner is finally settled into his new residence. Unfortunately, a prisoner has to adjust to a whole host of new realities. One of the harshest realities that is learned rather quickly is that, quite simply, you do not matter and for all practical purposes you have no rights. Are you sick? No one cares. Did a guard discriminate you based on race or religion? No one cares. Religious rights? Well I was once told to go pray in the bathroom, because "G-d doesn't matter in here". Is it supposed to be this way? No, but it is. And why you ask? Well really who cares about prisoners? Realistically, the rights of prisoners is not a cause that resonates with most citizens.  Even for those for whom the cause does resonate it certainly is not a priority. The reality is that for the most part, those running the prison can get away with just about anything they want…


On February 5, 2015 I was indicted. I have mentioned before that for every defendant, or former prisoner there are those personal dates that hold a, shall we say, ever lasting significance. Indictment day is certainly one of them. I really never had the chance to reflect back on that day since my case moved so quickly. Then again, who really wants to reflect on the bad days anyway? But sitting here, three years later and post incarceration, I realize that while indictment does certainly change a person's status from "Citizen" to "Defendant", for myself and I imagine most white collar defendants, it is really the most uneventful and unimportant legal event as it is really more procedure than anything else.

To be fair, I had known it was coming for a few weeks. On some level I probably knew it was coming for over five years.  For at least the prior nine months my lawyers and I had been in regular communication with the prosecutors. They had even tried to get me t…